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Tonight, June 23rd, is the eve of "Jónsmessa" - an ancient Icelandic holiday named after John the Baptist and celebrated each year on June 24th.
Icelandic folklore states that if you sit at a crossroads all night on Jónsmessa, elves will attempt to seduce you with food and gifts.
Tonight, on this website, we will present the programme for the 2011 Nordic Music Days Festival. The theme: "A Turning Point". 
We would like to invite you to sit down with us at a crossroads tonight, at a turning point, and be seduced with the upcoming event that will consist of high-class performances of many of the newest and most innovative works of the North.
NMD2011 will be starting starts on a historic day for Iceland. On October 6th, 2008, three years ago to date, on the eve of our economic collapse, a famous speech was given to our nation on television where he warned of the coming disaster.
October 6th, 2011 will however be a day to celebrate. We will have sat at a crossroads, at a turning point, and finally taken the road towards the future again. And we will be celebrating the whole festival in the brand new and spectacular National Concert Hall, "Harpa". NMD2011 will be the first festival of it´s kind held there.
We will be ending the festival on October 9th, which is John Lennon´s birthday. There, we will continue to celebrate by accompanying Yoko Ono to Videy Island where she will light the Imagine Peace Tower, a powerful symbol of the future, of hope and optimism.