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For the general public, free boats run from 18:00 - 19:30 from:
Skarfabakki, Skarfagörðum 2, 104 Reykjavík
Phone: 354 5553565

For composers, performers and festival pass holders of NMD2011, the boat company will pick us up at the harbour right behind Harpa to go to the ceremony on Videy island.
This means a change in plans - departure from the quay behind Harpa (by the yellow lighthouse) is 18:30 instead of 19:00. This really means deaparture - they can´t wait, so pls be there at 18:15 at the latest.
There is a charge for the boat: IKR 1.500. Preferably cash, but debit and credit cards are ok as well.

Pls confirm asap (at noon) by e-mail: or sms: (00354) 8635222
Pls spread the word - this is for participants only (composers, composers'  societies... that is, festival pass holders)

Note: the return will be by "normal" boats, that is, on the boats that are taking all visitors to Viðey. Those boats are free of charge but will dock at another harbour, about 5 mins. drive from Harpa. Taxis will be waiting to take participants back to Harpa for the closing ceremony and party in Norðurljós hall.
Thanks and all best,
Pétur Jónasson
(00354) 8635222